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This exhibition is designed to bring attention to the precarious existence of one of the world’s most endangered ecosystems, the wildflower grasslands of the volcanic plains that stretch from Melbourne, across most of southern Victoria to the border with South Australia. Since the arrival of the Europeans in the early nineteenth century, this natural landscape has been transformed dramatically, extinguishing much of the original flora and fauna on these expansive western plains. Some animals and plants have been driven to extinction, while the existence of many others is marginal and severely under threat.

Many individuals, groups and organisations are making efforts to study, protect, conserve and regenerate many of these threatened animal and plant species, and better understand the ecosystem complex that has nurtured them. This exhibition aims to show you something of the original world of the western plains, what has happened to it, what is being done to help preserve what remains of it and what you can do to help.

An exhibition of this kind could not have been produced without the dedicated input of many individuals and groups and we thank the many people and groups who have made invaluable contributions.





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