Volcano Dreaming

is designed to bring attention to the precarious existence of one of the world’s most endangered ecosystems, the wildflower grasslands of the volcanic plains that stretch from Melbourne, across most of southern Victoria almost to the border with South Australia.

Volcano Dreaming has been produced by Inherit Earth.

To find out where you can see the exhibition or to hire,
borrow or purchase a copy for your organisation
please contact:

Kerrie Poliness and Peter Haffenden







Other copies of Volcano Dreaming:

St Albans / Brimbank

Iramoo Sustainable Community Centre at Victoria University commissioned Inherit Earth to produce two copies of the Volcano Dreaming 12 panel (12 metre) portable display.

These copies are actively engaged in the education programs of Iramoo appearing at local schools and centres. This program is managed by Cassandra Twomey.

To find out more about where you can see the exhibition or how to hire one of these copies please contact:

Cassandra Twomey (Wednesday's and Thursday's only)

Iramoo @ VU | Sustainability Precinct
Telephone 613 9919 2815

Melton City Council

Contact: Linda Bradburn
Environmental Educator
Melton City Council
9747 7200

Hume City Council

Contact: Amanda Dodd
Environmental Planner
Hume City Council
9205 2200

South West Victoria

Contact: Aggie Stevenson
Biodiversity Projects Coordinator
G lenelg Hopkins Catchment Management Authority
5571 2526

(6 metre field trip banner)
Contact: Liz Fenton on
0438734550 or email ecologicaldreamingsw@hotmail.com


Inherit Earth
Mobile 0419 154 265



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